Current Projects

  • Hardware Architecture for Cloud Computing Privacy
  • Video Analytic for Autonomous Cars and Assisted Driving
  • High Performance Computing for Biophysical Simulations

Completed Projects

VLSI Design for Sparse Channel and Cooperative Communications

  • YanjiePeng, PhD Dissertation, "Design and Implementation of Belief Propagation Symbol Detectors for ISI Channels," 2012.
  • "Design and Implementation of A Low-Complexity Symbol Detector for Sparse Channels," IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, Early Access Articles, July 2012. [pdf]

LDPC Decoder Architecture and VLSI Design

  • Kai Zhang, PhD Dissertation, "High-Performance Decoder Architectures For Low-Density Parity-Check Codes," 2011.
  • "A High-Throughput LDPC Decoder Architecture with Rate Compatibility," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I: Regular Papers, vol. 58, no. 4, pp. 839-847, April 2011. [pdf]
  • "High-Throughput Layered Decoder Implementation for Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 27, no. 6,pp. 985-994, August 2009. [pdf]

Wireless Network Modeling and Optimization

  • Wenxuan Guo, PhD Dissertation, "Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Wireless Networks," 2010.
  • "Distributed Cross-Layer Optimization for WRAN-Based Cognitive Radio Networks," Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, early access DOI: 10.1002/wcm.1148, May 2011. [pdf]
  • "Achieving Capacity Fairness for Wireless Mesh Networks," Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, vol. 11, no. 5, pp. 632-643, May 2011. [pdf]

SmartCell Reconfigurable Architecture for Stream Processing

  • Cao Liang, PhD Dissertation, "SmartCell: An Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Architecture for Stream Processing', 2009.
  • "SmartCell: An Energy Efficient Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture for Stream-Based Applications," EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, vol. 2009, 15 pages, DOI:10.1155/2009/518659, 2009. [pdf]
  • "Mapping Parallel FFT Algorithm onto SmartCell Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture," IEICE Transactions on Electronics, vol. E93-C, no. 3, pp. 407-415, March 2010. [pdf]

MIMO Wireless Communications Sphere Decoder

  • "System Architecture and Implementation of MIMO Sphere Decoders on FPGA," IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 188-197, February 2008. [pdf]


We gratefully acknowledge the support from the following funding agencies and companies.

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